MERWE - Brass Basins


Brass is a metallic alloy that is made of copper and zinc. Melted together to create the alloy known as brass. These brass metal basins are spinned, and thereafter finished to achieve the unique bathroom basin.

Brass is a living alloy. It will respond to its environment. Changes in the hue of the basin will happen naturally with use. A patina, or darkening, will occur over time. Keep in mind that while soaps, oils and salts may make a mark on the basin, because these metals are non-porous, it virtually is stain resistant. Marks that do appear, fade and blend over time.

Merwe applied a clear lacquer to your basins. Brass that is not sealed with a coating is at the mercy of oxidation. The lacquer protects the brass and slows down the tarnishing process. This basin is ideal for people who want their brass basins to have the appearance of being vintage prize patina or tarnishing. Each basin becomes more unique over time.