MERWE strait vanity


The Strait 900mm bathroom vanity is suitable for small spaces. This vanity can be placed on top of a cupboard, or it is supplied with brackets to be hung from the wall. The Strait vanity has a smooth surface that is easy to clean with no seams where dirt can gather.  Although this vanity does not take a lot of space, there is enough space for your bathroom products.

The Cambridge dictionary defines a ‘strait’ as a narrow area of sea thatconnects two larger areas of sea.

Dimensions: 900mm is 900x470x60mm.


The Strait Vanity 1200mm is suitable for a bathroom where you need more space to put toiletries on the vanity top or a larger cupboard.  This vanity has a single bowl with an internal overflow.  The surface is seamless, to ensure easy cleaning The Strait vanity is supplied with brackets: the vanity can be wall-hung or placed on a cupboard.

According to Wikipedia a ‘strait’ a naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. It most commonly refers to a channel of water that lies between two land masses, but it may also refer to a navigable channel through a body of water that is otherwise not navigable, for example because it is too shallow, or because it contains an unnavigable reef or archipelago.

Dimensions: 1200x470x60mm


The Merwe Strait Vanity 1700mm has two bowls, and is suitable for the bathroom in the main-bedroom.  The vanity has no joints and is easy to clean.  The Strait Vanity could be installed on a cupboard, or it could be wall-hung – Merwe supplies the brackets for installation.

The Collins dictionary defines a ‘strait’ as a narrow channel of the sea linking two larger areas of sea.  

Dimensions:  1700x470x60mm.