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KARTELL Carpet  3X2 Righe


KARTELL Carpet 3X2 Righe

Kartell has launched a collection of exuberant and spectacular carpets: Kartell Carpets. Kartell carpets are real works of art for your floors, they are decorated with images of incredible resolution. They are made using digital high resolution technology. Like a trompe-l'oeil, the images are so realistic that they appear to be sculpted in the carpet. Motley, rock 'n' roll and unusual, these carpets will make a statement in all rooms of the house. This beautiful carpet is an explosive mix of exuberant patterns, vibrant colours and texture effects. This carpet is decorated with a refined and ultra-realistic green marble imitation print. The marble print is veined with very graphic colourful stripes. The edges of the carpet are deconstructed and asymmetric. Your eyes will be lost in this multicoloured picture, in this "ordered disorder".