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KARTELL Jellies Family Caraffa-Green
KARTELL Jellies Family Caraffa-Green

KARTELL Jellies Family Caraffa - Green

Crafted for Kartell by the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, the Jellies Family Carafe will allow you to store soft drinks and wine in a beautiful vessel. This stunning item is the kind of home accessory that can elevate anyone's dining and entertaining experience. If you have been looking for ways to impress dinner guests, this will be ideal.

One of the key aspects of this carafe is the use of modern materials that have been carefully crafted to resemble classic, traditional designs. Urquiola chose to use technopolymer PMMA, instead of crystal or glass for this carafe, and her decision pays off. The use of plastic makes the carafe lighter and stronger, and creates an attractive ripple effect around the edges.

With a height of 30cm and a diameter of 12.5cm, the Jellies Family Carafe will hold plenty of wine or orange squash, and its beautiful design will make it a pleasure to use whenever you need it.